Détours 010


Sorry for the late updates, real life and jobs took us away from the Santorini fest. But a few pictures are up here. More will come soon thanks to Evi !

We would like to thank the filmmakers who shared their work with us and sent their films sometimes from very far away, the many others who contributed to the organisation, Maria, Nikos, and our friends there. And a very special thanks to Patrick, Evi Tsiligaridou and Tim Vincent-Smith, Nerea, Libby & Madeleine, et un grand merci à Baharé Khadjé-Nouri et Stélios Kotzabasakis.

We hope to see you next year for a very special film festival, slightly different. The very first idea was to use only Super8 projectors, what we did the first year : we would like to go back to this project, keep the projectors, keep the live music and maybe say goodbye to the dvds… what do you think ?



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