“Super 8 Showcase” in Santorini this November !

We are happy to announce that on November 4th -9th, 2011, our beloved Santorini ‘headquarters’, Atlantis Books (http://www.atlantisbooks.org), will be holding their first-ever Literary Festival. In addition to readings and book signings, a Super8 Showcase will be featured as part of the program! As we were unable to hold the Fourth Annual Edition of Festival Détours, we are looking to bring your films back to Oia for an international audience to enjoy.

photo by Will Brady

photo by Will Brady

Atlantis Books, voted #1Best Bookshop in the World by the Guardian, and included in the Top Ten of “The World’s Greatest Bookshops” by Lonely Planet, has been host to numerous cultural events in the past including but not limited to:, various screenings, poetry readings, Oia’s First Ever Tzatziki Festival and last but not least our Festival Détours.
What we’ve been up to…
This past year one of our team members organized a screening of past Détours’ favorites at Grinnell College in Iowa. The screening featured live musical accompaniment and a healthy showing of support from audience members.
What we have cooking…
In the future we have plans to bring your Super8 films to cities closer to (our respective homes) including but not limited to: Brooklyn, New Orleans, Paris and Madrid. Stay tuned.

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