Détours 2008


The 2008 Détours festival wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Atlantis Books team and especially Will, Craig, AJ, Lisa, Tim and Chris. Thanks to Flora and the Community of Oia, Mr & Mrs Chevalier, Mr & Mrs Martin, Theodora, the people at Toma Unica, Emmanuel, Quinn, Claire, Anna, Sophie, Benoît, Laurent, Andrew, Maria, Loïc & Catherine, Sarah & Henry, Sarah LB, Boris, Daniel S, Jodie & Jerome and all the people who helped from wherever they are.

We are extremely grateful to all the filmmakers who sent their films and shoot a movie just for the occasion.


Most of the films were accompanied by improvised scores composed by local musicians. Trumpets, violins and guitars.
Many thanks to Tim, Benedictus, John, Marga and Ioannis for that.

Thanks to all and see you in July 2009!

You can see photographs from the 2008 festival on our flickr page.